Masala Chai will be resuming soon

Dear All,

Thank you so much for writing in and continuing to visit our blog. These last several weeks have been challenging to say the least and we really appreciate your messages.

Our team met virtually and we resolved to get back on track despite the challenges. I must admit that emerging from this shutdown has been the hardest for me since so much of the inspiration to write comes from watching children and families around me. The minutest of details can trigger an essay, and I found myself seated in a vacuum, completely separated from the primary source for my thoughts. The silence I sometimes longed for in Mumbai, became disruptive.

It is the persistence of our young team members that got me back on track. Thank you Pooja for ‘zooming’ MC back to life. And Reshu, your inputs have kept me afloat through this period, thank you! Somehow, our latest conversation provided the proverbial “tinke ka sahara” (straw) for me. We connected well and were able to reflect seriously on our position in the current context. What really helped us pull out of the abyss was a sense of responsibility and purpose towards our audience.

Zooming back into action

Our weekly posts will resume soon, although the Friday schedule may be altered a bit. Thank you for your visits; the bar chart on our Stats page keeps us motivated. You will be hearing from us soon. Till then, stay safe, strong and grounded.

Team Masala Chai

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