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Mumbai monsoon and memories: Faith in the time of torrential rain

Some of our readers would be familiar with the stories we have collected, each of which could fill several pages. In this retelling of moral instruction through story and memories from childhood, we hope to raise the issue of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. These ideas do not need to be believed in as real, in fact that question itself is misplaced. Myths can be personal or shared and they assist in the configuration of significant symbolic meanings and life lessons, thereby find an important place in our lives.

Can the best of intentions have negative outcomes?

Campaigns, claims and consequences With Gabriel Scheidecker On our Kadak Chai posts that address more serious stuff, we bring you a joint essay, co-authored with Gabriel Scheidecker that addresses some ethical and scientific concerns about Volunteerism and Humanitarian Aid campaigns, with specific examples from the Global South. About Gabriel: “I am a Social Anthropologist based […]

Us and Them: Exploring stereotypes about the ‘other’

Cultural differences are expressed in many ways. As members of any group, we are predisposed towards understanding experiences from an in-group perspective. Casual observations and judgments about others are common. Often unsubstantiated, these opinions can exert an influence on the ways in which we interact with others, and are therefore interesting to study. Based mostly on sporadic encounters […]

At home with the Sloths: Travelling through Costa Rica

Today, we digress a bit from our usual stories to bring you some pages from a travel diary with pictures to try to describe what it is we saw during a recent trip in Central America, a region that marks the opposite side of the world for us. Costa Rica is the home of the […]

Cutting Chai: Taste the rain!

The annual monsoon season breathes new life into the Indian subcontinent. It breaks the spell of the summer sun. Seasonal winds, heavy with moisture, collide against mountain ranges to quench the parched earth, sweeping across the country from the south-west to the north-east. This is a time for joyous celebration. India has been blessed with […]

Places we pass by on the way to somewhere else: A movie review

Representations of poverty can be very challenging since balance between romanticism and revulsion is extremely hard to achieve, whether it is in academic writing, travel promotion or cinema. Pristine, untouched spaces far from city life can be delightful to visit, but difficult to live in; especially if the “comforts” of modernity are kept as standards. […]

Why there can be no Psychology without Culture: Rebuilding developmental science and its applications with perspectives from the Global South

Keynote Address at the Regional Conference of the IACCP, University of Costa Rica at San Jose, Costa Rica July 16-19, 2019

Light and darkness: Extract from an unfinished conversation

On Cutting Chai today, we introduce some thoughts from the the book dedicated to Maxine Greene titled “A Light in Dark Times: Maxine Greene and the Unfinished Conversation” by Ayers and Miller. This volume about Maxine Greene assembled by her followers, among them former students, is a thoroughly uplifting collection. It provides insight into a […]

Kadak Chai: Finding balance between global perspectives and local reality: Can globalization contribute to re-imagining the developmental sciences?

Plenary address at the Annual Conference of Jean Piaget Society, Portland, Oregon. June 7th, 2019 I’d like to acknowledge valuable inputs from Jaan Valsiner, Ashley Maynard, Robert Serpell, Shraddha Kapoor, Punya PIllai, and Deepa Chawla. I would also like to thank Ashley for the invitation to co-organise and speak at JPS. Sunil Bhatia has been […]

Annual Conference of the Jean Piaget Society

A Photo Album Sunil Bhatia is Internationally known for his work on self and identity within the context of migration, globalization and diaspora, he is a role model for emerging scholars in India and an inspiration to psychologists globally.  Based at Connecticut college, he is regularly on the move in response to invitations. At university, […]