Cutting chai: Happy Independence Day

On this day, we wish to celebrate freedom, dignity and equality for all Indian children. Namaste' from Pushkar. This young man who is reputed to be the city's most good-looking chai (and other goods) salesman, sends his greetings. Picture credits: Pooja Bhargava

Approaching adoption

By Nikita Aggarwal (Supervisor: Vinita Bhargava) Picture credit: Picture meant for representation only, open source www All masters’ students of our Department[1] must complete a research dissertation as part of their coursework. Adoption was my area of interest, I was curious about the different voices regarding this issue, the different perspectives. Given the prevalence of... Continue Reading →

On turning a year old

By Anubha Rawat I turned one year old a few months ago, a major milestone. We also celebrated my daughter’s first birthday at the same time. Turning one is such a huge developmental marker for babies that reams has been researched, written and documented about each developmental stage. However, it’s harder to find something about... Continue Reading →

Cutting chai: Childhood memories

What we remember of our early childhood is most likely a compilation of other people's accounts of our experiences and not direct remembering, recent studies have demonstrated. This is quite similar to our findings from 'Memories of Me', that we (Carolin Demuth, Heidi Keller and Nandita Chaudhary) published in IPBS (Integrated Psychological and Behavioural Sciences)... Continue Reading →

Cutting chai*: Vegetables on the moon?

*Short posts for in-between Fridays for our readers. Bedtime rituals by Pooja Bhargava Bedtime rituals are sacred for us. After a usual day at our respective workplaces, this wind-down time is also an opportunity to catch up about the events of the day, and also simply to spend time together. The child who is quicker... Continue Reading →

“Life can only be understood backwards……” Part 3

Previously on Masala Chai, we brought Sameer's story to you. In case you've missed these, the links are: Today we bring you the third and last post in the series from Sameer where he reaches back into the deep recesses of his past. “You look like Mandakhini” Sameer continues...........“There was an incident that... Continue Reading →

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