Nightmare in Norway

How a mother lost her children to the State (and fought to get them back) We all have very warm associations with the ways in which we were brought up. The meanings of our experiences are so intricately woven around cultural traditions that they are often impossible to fully explain to an outsider. Why something... Continue Reading →

Memories of the self!

The first month of 2018, Masala Chai was devoted to the theme of Identity that was kicked off by Kalpana’s delightful memories of her home in Himachal in the shade of the Himalayan ranges. Through discussions, we were able to understand how and why she is so closely attached to her childhood, without being burdened... Continue Reading →

Why I consider myself a Himachali

By Kalpana Jamwal I arrived to Delhi in the summer of 1999 to live with my parents and two younger siblings. Up until then, I had been living in a village in Himachal with my paternal grandmother whom I lovingly call ‘Ammaji’. Although my parents and two younger siblings had moved to Delhi, it was... Continue Reading →

Mothers and Others: Kamla’s World and Beyond

Being a mother is serious business in India, and much cultural activity focuses on the preparation for motherhood, a role that is granted special status. This article is based around the narrative of one woman as she weaves her story of motherhood in response to interview questions. Kamla’s responses bring out dramatic generalisations, serious presumptions... Continue Reading →

Mamta: A movie review

In the year 1963, Asit Sen released the Bollywood film Mamta that was based on an award winning Bengali movie Uttar Falguni. Riding on the box office success, Sen went on to make Tamil and Malayalam versions of the film. In each language, the film has a different title, and just an analysis of these... Continue Reading →

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