Love, lust and family life: Beyond singular stories

On Masala Chai we have eschewed singular stories. As the renowned author Chimamanda Adichie argues, our personal and social lives, our cultures, are imbued with overlapping stories and any attempts to reduce that becomes an oversimplification, a flattening of the immense diversity that exists in any given context. Whichever story is told therefore, is not... Continue Reading →

Exactly a year ago! We embarked on this journey exactly a year ago. Our Friday morning masala chai comes with a click at "Publish..." tab on the top right corner of the ‘create post’ page! MC enjoys its weekend reading comments and tracing the journey our posts make across the globe. To celebrate the day, we have... Continue Reading →

MC turns One!

We embarked on this journey exactly an year ago. Now for one whole year our Friday Morning masala chai comes with a click at "Publish..." tab on the top right corner of create post page! MC enjoys its weekend in reading comments from readers and tracing the journey our posts do across the globe. To... Continue Reading →

Things that stew in my mind

Why do adults sometimes feel powerless with children when it comes to stopping them from doing something? Why is it so hard for some for us to say NO to a child? On the one hand we have instances of harsh disciplining that can sometimes become abusive, and on the other, over-indulgence. How does one... Continue Reading →

‘Our’ Birthday Greetings!

We are because of our readers! May is our birthday month and it’s been a year for us here at Masala Chai, brewing essays. If you’ve followed us through the year, you may know how valuable our contributors and readers are to us. Our collaborators have been formative for our posts. Masala Chai aims at... Continue Reading →

It’s our birthday!

Dear readers, it’s a year since Masala Chai was launched and we’ve had a great time cooking up stories for you. This week we thought about posting something related to birthday celebrations. Not so long ago, our friend Heidi Keller was in Baroda for an academic programme during which time she stayed briefly at a... Continue Reading →

Still no words

A bit of sketching is so soothing for the restive mind. Still unable to find inspiration to write a blogpost @ Masala Chai. If it also works to cover some stray wires with a design (inspired by Warli tribal art), the comfort is doubled.


As long as the images of a childhood torn open by depraved criminals lingers in our souls, we are unable to write. Maybe, maybe...... Maybe, by next week we will be able to muster up some fragments to try to heal this injury. For now, a two week silence is far too little to express... Continue Reading →

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