As long as the images of a childhood torn open by depraved criminals lingers in our souls, we are unable to write. Maybe, maybe...... Maybe, by next week we will be able to muster up some fragments to try to heal this injury. For now, a two week silence is far too little to express... Continue Reading →

The (Other) Lion King

The (other) lion king: Pages from a mother’s diary Deepa Chawla “Once I was playing with my little friends. There was a cat, a squirrel, a birdie and a dog. They were all my friends. We were all playing in the park. A cat was doing meow-meow. The squirrel ran very fast on the trees,... Continue Reading →

Blankets, bottles and braids

Blankets, bottles and braids: Finding security during infancy One of the most endearing descriptions about comfort objects are the illustrations of Linus and his blanket by Charles M. Schultz. This week on Masala Chai, we raise a discussion about comfort objects, and the place that they have in children's lives. Do all children show an interest... Continue Reading →

Happy Holi!!

It's fun to watch our little people during the festival of colours, their earnest integration in social life is very evident. While celebrating children are carefully cajoled, encouraged, protected, and watched over. Older children assist younger ones to get started....while everyone enjoy themselves. As always for us at Masala Chai its equally exciting to watch... Continue Reading →

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