Election update: The more the merrier?

The great Indian election process has been completed. As the results pour in and we find that people have chosen, we look back at the election process for interesting news items that came up. This is one of the most fascinating pieces that we came across: 😳  From the sounds of it, this family operates […]

Cutting chai: Another one gone……and another one…

Yet another case of children’s separation from their biological parents in the UK. As far as I can tell, they are Indian citizens. Seems to me that the CPS simply wanted to teach the father a lesson for being uncooperative. Aren’t they (CPS) also extending similar injustice on the children by removing them from their […]

Conversations in Indian homes: Talking to everyone in general, no one in particular, and everything in-between

On Kadak Chai today, our post relates to conversations in Indian homes. This one’s Kadak (strong) since some of the extracts May be a bit difficult to grasp. Anyway, we hope that the messages get through and we look forward to your comments. Like anywhere else in the world, conversations in Indian homes are loaded […]

Sambandham: Language, culture and social change

Today we provide you a link to an article that appeared in Mint Lounge last Saturday (20th of April, 2019). Apart from the discussions about social change and cultural practices, an interesting insight came from our friend from Iceland, Gunnella ÞorgeirsdĂłttir who identified an interesting parallel. The word for relationships in Icelandic is samband! We […]

Travelling through time: Along the river Ulhas and up to Kondane Caves

Time-travel Journeys in India are like time-travel. Within a span of a few hours, one is transported through ways of living that span centuries, even millennia, but one would have to ignore a few mobile phones and fitness centers along the way. Just last weekend, we experienced time-travel during an impromptu visit to Karjat for […]

“My svadharma was to teach”: A brief biography of Dr. Anandalakshmy

In the year 2013, I was approached to write Dr. Anandalakshmy’s biography for a publication on ‘Eminent Indian Psychologists’. I was both delighted and daunted by the responsibility, but greatly enjoyed writing this essay with inputs from Neerja Sharma and Dipali Taneja (thank you). This draft version is in fact, the final submitted to the editors with Dr. Anandalakshmy’s approval. Unfortunately, the editors of the volume believed that its rather unique format didn’t fit in with the rest of the volume and required ‘correction’. They proceeded to make dramatic (read disastrous) changes while retaining the ‘facts’. We were given the “choice” to approve or quit! With a great deal of reluctance, both of us agreed and it is now available in print. I believe that the final version lacks soul and for some years now, I have been sitting with this essay wondering when and where to place it for others to read. Here it is for you.

“Peripatetic is a word that comes to mind when I think of her”, a tribute to Dr. Anandalakshmy by Dipali Taneja

“Her greatest gift to her students is, however, far beyond erudition. It is the gift of responding to the world around one with enthusiasm. Her matter-of-fact responses to the toughest of personal problems also becomes a source of strength..”

“My svadharma was to teach”: A tribute to Dr. Anandalakshmy

Dr. Anandalakshmy left this world for her onward journey on 13th of March. Her passing has left a vacuum in the lives of so many of us who have had the privilege of being her students. As a tribute to her, we will be featuring upcoming posts with selected extracts from our association with her.