The Himalayan Desert: Where solitude and isolation are a way of life

Part One: The Place In these strange times, remote areas of the country seem to have receded even further into the wilderness, and one wonders if and when they will be accessible again. For a while at least, the travel industry will be hit by the restrictions. Perhaps this is an opportune moment for a […]

Concentration! What children can teach us about learning

Stories from our Himalayan Chai project and other sources Adults often complain that children aren’t able to concentrate on tasks, that they have a short attention-span that has to be accommodated when they try to learn something new, or that they are slow to pick up things and we adults have to assist them with […]

At home with the Sloths: Travelling through Costa Rica

Today, we digress a bit from our usual stories to bring you some pages from a travel diary with pictures to try to describe what it is we saw during a recent trip in Central America, a region that marks the opposite side of the world for us. Costa Rica is the home of the […]