Mothers and Sons: Magical moments during the lockdown

This week we present two mothers, Vini and Dimple who share an interesting history. They are both alumnae of The Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies at the Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, which is also our alma mater. To add to that, they have sons who are around the same age. It […]

Has the Pandemic Rekindled Family Ties?

The opportunity to reflect on pre-Covid days has provided important insight into the blind spots in contemporary social structures, both local and global. Aspects of existence that we had taken for granted have been challenged and we are now aware of how precarious our world can be. The greed and selfishness that guided our decisions […]

The Sister Knot!

Everyone in our family is in a growing up phase! We’ve recently become 5-year-old parents and our two daughters are continuing their journey into and out of toddlerhood.  Having two little girls with great articulation abilities, ever-curious minds and immense physical energy, I endorse the saying “Having one child makes you a parent; having two […]