Introducing Nautanki Mom: Storytelling in Singapore

One of our objectives on Masala Chai is to support fresh, spontaneous, informal and independent projects the field of family life and children’s care as well as children’s activities. In this category, we have featured authors of children’s books, features about children through photo stories, mothers who have initiated online ventures, as well as creative […]

Conversations in the Classroom: Reflections on the New Education Policy

In an earlier post, we presented some highlights of the New Education Policy released recently, after several years of intense discussion between the policy-makers and experts in the field. Today, we address the issue of conversations in and outside the classroom; basically conversations outside the familiar terrain of the home. There are several nuances related […]

‘The Wig That Was Caught For Stealing’ and Other Stories

‘The wig that was caught for stealing’ and other stories by Shashi Shukla From my father’s side, we are six cousins; four girls and two boys all born between 1978 and 1985. My father and his older brother were working in jobs away from their ancestral village, and annually, we would travel from our respective homes […]

The story or the storyteller, what is more important?

With permission from the author Devdutt Pattanaik, the story with extracts from the book. Published by Tulika Press, Chennai. Illustrations from the book are by Nancy Raj. HANUMAN’S RAMAYAN After completing the Ramayan, the story of Ram, Valmiki was satisfied and proud until he met the sage Narad who was not impressed. …”“It’s good” he […]

The Sister Knot!

Everyone in our family is in a growing up phase! We’ve recently become 5-year-old parents and our two daughters are continuing their journey into and out of toddlerhood.  Having two little girls with great articulation abilities, ever-curious minds and immense physical energy, I endorse the saying “Having one child makes you a parent; having two […]