Our Beliefs

We believe that there is no such animal as a perfect parent or a perfect child, this is an idea that we carry that is based on our personal and societal notions of what children should be like, and how parents should handle the care of children. Therefore, different societies have quite different ideas about who is a good child and what should a good parent be doing. As a consequence of our experience across cultures, we believe that there are many right ways to bring up children and children understand their worlds in very different ways. As concerned adults, we must be able to recognize and respect these differences. Consequently, there are multiple solutions to particular situations, depending on time, task, context and person.


Every society attempts to deal with issues of teaching, learning, security, comfort and nourishment of the forthcoming generations in the ‘best way’ possible under specific circumstances. For reasons beyond our control or imagination, sometimes we deliberately or otherwise land up hurting the people we love most, our children. When Indians travel to other countries, they often find themselves in completely different ideological surroundings, and are often torn between the familiar and the foreign. Yet children are resilient and very often, able to negotiate through challenging situations and emerge as functioning adults. One of the deepest ironies of family life is that although safety and security is our fundamental concern about children, some of the nicest people we know have emerged through very difficult and painful circumstances!


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