New Education Policy 2020-Extracts

The launch of the New Education Policy on July 29th, 2020 that was delayed on account of the pandemic, the Government appointed panel led by the former chief of the Indian Science Research Organisation former Indian Space Research Organisation Prof. K Kasturirangan, the Government aims to introduce the policy before the new session kicks in promises […]

Science and Ethics in a ‘Post-Coronial’ Society: Students’ responsibilities

Today’s essay features the proceedings of a webinar organised by the Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies at the Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi on the 22nd of July, 2020. Here is an audio file of the talk that you can listen to along with the PPT, if you wish. I have also […]

Encounters in E-learning: News and Views

In today’s post, we bring you some encounters in online teaching, some fun moments, as well as some serious reflections. At the end of the post, we also provide some readings that may be of interest. Ever since children have been engaged with online classrooms, we have had a flood of jokes about awkward moments […]

Scenes from a Himalayan Festival: Part Three

Today’s photo essay brings a small story from the annual festival held at the Nyoma monastery, with a brief introduction and references to the spiritual and religious activity of the Changpas, a deeply religious Buddhist community. We focus on the lighthearted role children play in the sombre ceremonies of the festival.

Mothers and Sons: Magical moments during the lockdown

This week we present two mothers, Vini and Dimple who share an interesting history. They are both alumnae of The Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies at the Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, which is also our alma mater. To add to that, they have sons who are around the same age. It […]

“Stay Away”, Stay Home, Be Safe, By Yourself

The Itinerant Indian Elder Every summer huge numbers of Indian senior citizens cross national borders to be with their children, grandchildren and other relatives abroad. To these numbers, a more recent addition has been group excursion arranged by travel agencies to exotic locations that are sometimes considered more comfortable, convenient and more glamorous than exploring […]

Getting ready to re-open schools after lockdown

For India’s children, schooling came to a sudden and serious halt in March, with no clear idea about the future course of action. Everyone was impacted, but for children who were displaced or otherwise disadvantaged, the disruption would have been complete. In this post, Vimala Ramachandran discusses the consequences of the suspended schooling for children, […]

Goats as Nannies? Childhood in the Himalayan Desert

Part Two In our commitment to the study of childhood in different parts of India, today we feature children of the Changpas from our Himalayan series. We hope that through these essays, we can reaffirm the importance of diversity and mutual respect for others. For a moment, let us stop and think about another pressing […]

The Himalayan Desert: Where solitude and isolation are a way of life

Part One: The Place In these strange times, remote areas of the country seem to have receded even further into the wilderness, and one wonders if and when they will be accessible again. For a while at least, the travel industry will be hit by the restrictions. Perhaps this is an opportune moment for a […]

The Psychology of Global Crises: Announcement of an online conference

This week, we break our regular schedule to announce an online conference by the American University of Paris. Registration is open and it starts this morning (20th May, 2020). May 20–30, 2020#PGC2020 – Virtual Conference “The Psychology of Global Crises: State Surveillance, Solidarity and Everyday Life” discusses the impact of past and current, global and […]