What we plan to do!

The aim is to initiate discussions about social issues, family life, parenting and children, while eschewing sermons about being the perfect parent or raising a perfect child. However, we will start with a basic assumption that people want to do their best in raising their children, and we are often at a loss about what to do. In such instances, there seem more empty spaces between different bits of advice that sometimes contradict each other, and we are left with serious doubts. Believe me, there are as many, if not more, situations in which we (as experts in Child Development) have faced in bringing up our own children. We will heavily draw on these moments to inform our understanding of the trials of being a concerned adult.

Children seem to be experts at breaking down our preconceived notions about childhood. There is a huge range of material available on the internet but that also adds to the doubts some times and makes it hard to decide a specific course of action that is good for your own family and child. For this reason, we will also be collecting readings about childhood and family life that have been screened by us for authenticity. We will indicate towards other resources that have been proven to be valuable. We will be very happy to open up discussions about specific concerns our readers may have about their personal situation.

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