New Education Policy 2020-Extracts

The launch of the New Education Policy on July 29th, 2020 that was delayed on account of the pandemic, the Government appointed panel led by the former chief of the Indian Science Research Organisation former Indian Space Research Organisation Prof. K Kasturirangan, the Government aims to introduce the policy before the new session kicks in promises several important reforms in the education system at all levels. Newspapers carry debates and discussions about whether the change is radical enough to facilitate the implementation of a much needed transformation in children’s learning from preschool to university. The Delhi State Government, for instance, welcomed the change, but believes that the policy-makers have hesitated to push far enough. The plan to focus on local languages during the foundational years, opening up the options available in terms of subject choices in higher classes, teacher education and other features makes an important step forward in educational reform. The policy has been drafted with due consideration to vocational options for children, allowing bag-less days for practical and instructive hands-on experiences at school.

Several newspapers carry news and opinions about the contents. Here are a few highlights from the Government of India Website on infographics. Specific pages related to ECCE, language, curriculum and disadvantaged groups have been taken from the Government document. Thanks to Vimala Ramachandran for directing our attention to this presentation.

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