Granny-love in the mountains

Dear readers, we had planned on posting the second review of the Netflix documentary Babies titled “Love in the time of Infancy”, but plans changed. We became a little fatigued with viewing MRI scans and hearing about Oxytocin levels as “evidence for the existence of love” between babies and parents, and the essay is as yet incomplete. Here is a piece from our Himalayan Chai project from Landruk in Nepal instead: A child and his grandmother at a tea-shop. Actually, this too can work as an oblique critique if you examine the video carefully and keep it in mind while viewing Babies. Do you see love? Is the absence of the mother or father hurtful for the child? Is the grandmother responsive, loving? Does the child look happy? Is the child being cared for? The said review is in progress and will be coming up next week.

This time, we are placing the audio from Vishwas for you to sample as you watch. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Until next time.

Granny-love in a tea-shop!

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