We’re two years old and it feels good!

Dear All,

On the 28th of May we turned two, and we thought it was a good time to renew our plan, take stock of things, update the changes, and review our focus. Meanwhile, here are a few statistics that we are particularly excited to share. Consolidating this has been both humbling and uplifting to realise how many times people have visited our words, as well as the spread of our audience. While we celebrate, we also acknowledge that we have not been able to generate enough engagement to make our readers write in to us on WP and comment as much as we would have liked. Especially when there are some contentious issues raised. We will continue to try our best to bring you news and views regarding childhood and family life, and work harder to keep your interest and involvement with our work.

Number of Posts: 102

Number of views: 19, 836

Number of likes: 447

Number of Followers: 460 (WP), 504 (Instagram)

Viewed from 69 countries in 2019

Thank you for your audience. Jai Hind!

Pooja, Reshu and Nandita

Thanks to Pooja Bhargava who created this video……..I first heard this version of a famous song on her device when she visited my home with her daughters. She used it as a lullaby! She has accessed the music from a publically available site and we acknowledge the (amazingly talented) musicians for the same. Their names and the name of the album is mentioned in our post on lullabies. Any guesses about the music?

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