Election update: The more the merrier?

The great Indian election process has been completed. As the results pour in and we find that people have chosen, we look back at the election process for interesting news items that came up. This is one of the most fascinating pieces that we came across: 😳 

From the sounds of it, this family operates like an industry, and the dynamics of such togetherness is mind-blowing for those of us who live in smaller families.
‘“There are 82 members in my family. This time 66, including eight first-timers, will vote. All eligible members have always exercised our franchise. We usually go out to vote after lunch. The booth is at a nearby primary school,” said a proud 98-year-old Ram Naresh as he cuddled five-year-old Honey, the youngest member of his family………More than 15kg of rice and 10kg of wheat flour are cooked every day in a kitchen big enough to rustle up a community feast. Even presiding officers are surprised to see one family make a long queue. “They look like a village fair,” said a booth-level official.’ And another interesting article on how much goes into the task of trying to reach every single voter is mind-blowing.


Here is another news item from the Economic Times that discusses the depth and scale of the event that access large families and remote hermits alike, reaching out to them close to places where they live so that the promise of ‘one person, one vote’ can be fulfilled. An extract:

“Democracy doesn’t get much simpler than one person, one vote. But what happens when that one person is a hermit living alone in a jungle temple surrounded by lions, leopards and cobras, miles from the nearest town? In India, the election comes to him. Bharatdas Darshandas, the lone inhabitant and caretaker of a Hindu temple deep in the Gir Forest, has become a symbol of India’s herculean effort to ensure that the votes of every one of its 900 million eligible voters is counted. .. “

Read more at:

Another article of interest: https://bit.ly/2VYwWP9

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