Diary of the hummingbirds

Kiran Kler Saluja

This is the second in the Spring diaries from my friend Kiran. I am quite sad that WordPress doesn’t permit the uploading of videos to the essay because Kiran has recorded a delightful video of their nesting. A quick note to add (particularly for birders, the pictures were taken from a safe distance and the birds seem quite comfortable with the family since they keep coming back, in fact, twice in the same year, the nest was used for setting up home. So I can say with confidence, that although taking pictures of nests with fledglings is not advisable for everyone, in this case great care was taken to maintain a comfortable distance and the birds are fine. By the way, it’s that time of year again and I am sure they are back in her frontyard!

On April 17 last year (2018), we noticed a lovely hummingbird sitting in a nest right outside our front door! Two teeny tiny eggs lay cozily in a beautiful, lovingly made nest. I started my photo diary with great delight and awe. Mama bird spent hours sitting diligently on her eggs, notwithstanding our egress and entrances, albeit done very discreetly.

(Please note: The birds chose our home, and I made sure they were not disturbed in the making of these pictures and videos. How I know this is because they keep coming back! :))

April 28: We have a baby bird!

May 3: And then there were two! I name them Avani and Sahana!!!

May 8,9,11: Hungry babies

May 14-15: Look at them grow!

May 17: They look fully grown up and gorgeous!

May 18: the nest is getting quite crowded

May 19: And then there was one…I spot her on the Plumeria leaf. Then the second one flies away too. And then……..another little miracle…………

May 30: Another hummingbird is in the nest! Or was it the same mama returning?

May 31: 2 li’l eggs

June 3- 10: The hatching

June 16: Two babies, shell visible

June 17-30: The chicks get bigger

July 2-5: Such big birds!

July 6: Seem ready for flight! In these crazy times a little hummingbird can bring indescribable joy and rejuvenate optimism! Come back little one. I need to smile some more.

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