Introducing Cutting Chai!!

For those of us who know ‘chai‘, we can agree that brewing never really stops. After we finish a cuppa we find a reason to have another. So for many of us ‘masala chai‘ is a reason, a medium, a task, a process and also a reward.

The musings here at Masala Chai keep brewing as well. We have slowed down the pace of our posts but that doesn’t stop us from giving our readers an occasional message. Today we introduce “cutting chai“, where we will ideas in random spurts. Hope you enjoy this and please feel free to share your “cutting chai” moments with us 🙂 Thank you again for your interest in our posts.

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“Hit me with a missed call”
For those who live in this strange land, you would know what I am talking about. We are so delightfully inventive when it comes to saving pennies, and one of the master-inventions is the ubiquitous ‘missedcall’…yeah it’s one word, in all Indian languages! Some work was going on at home when I overheard a mason talking to another who was evidently bringing his packed lunch. Why make two calls when you can work with one, right? “लाइट पे पहुँच जायेग तो missedcall मारदियो ” (When you reach the lights, hit (me) with a missed call)! By the way on an aside, Hindi allows the ample use of anaphora so we can drop the naming (noun/pronoun). I was chuckling to myself about this delightful strategy and remembered how often we used it when cellphones had just arrived and calls/messages were more expensive. If someone had a phone in the office, a missed call would save you the expense of making one. When kids were in hostel and always short of funds, parents would receive regular equivalents of “will you accept a collect call from this number?” “I would, gladly”!! Young lovers could use the signal to connect, making sure the number was not saved to escape notice; maybe they still do 😛. One means, multiple messages, pre-arranged to ensure accuracy!

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