The Future of Childhood – Part 2

On Friday the 7th of September, we brought you the first part of an essay by lawyer and activist Suranya Aiyar. Please do take a look at the the post and comments posted by some of our readers Robert Serpell here: We continue the second and last section of the essay with an apology for... Continue Reading →

Cutting Chai: Ekaki Parivar (‘एकाकी परिवार’)

Yesterday, at a social event, I heard this term for the first time: 'एकाकी परिवार’, (Ekaki parivar); during a discussion related to family size and number of children. A point that was being made that people who move away from traditional larger families for work, have fewer children because "एकाकी परिवार में मुश्किल होता है”... Continue Reading →

Cutting chai: Ways of knowing

In our journey as humans, we have always been fascinated by our capacity for knowledge and our self-awareness. No other species has these abilities developed to the level achieved by human beings.  Several theories emerging from different parts of the world at different times, have been dedicated to examining and explaining how it is that... Continue Reading →

The Future of Childhood (Part 1)

This Friday, we bring you an essay by Lawyer, Child Rights Activist and Author of children's books, Suranya Aiyar where she presents her views about the future of childhood. The piece is taken from a presentation at the Futures Seminar held at IIC in October 2017. We invite you to read and comment on the... Continue Reading →

Cutting chai: Happy Independence Day

On this day, we wish to celebrate freedom, dignity and equality for all Indian children. Namaste' from Pushkar. This young man who is reputed to be the city's most good-looking chai (and other goods) salesman, sends his greetings. Picture credits: Pooja Bhargava

Approaching adoption

By Nikita Aggarwal (Supervisor: Vinita Bhargava) Picture credit: Picture meant for representation only, open source www All masters’ students of our Department[1] must complete a research dissertation as part of their coursework. Adoption was my area of interest, I was curious about the different voices regarding this issue, the different perspectives. Given the prevalence of... Continue Reading →

On turning a year old

By Anubha Rawat I turned one year old a few months ago, a major milestone. We also celebrated my daughter’s first birthday at the same time. Turning one is such a huge developmental marker for babies that reams has been researched, written and documented about each developmental stage. However, it’s harder to find something about... Continue Reading →

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