Election update: The more the merrier?

The great Indian election process has been completed. As the results pour in and we find that people have chosen, we look back at the election process for interesting news items that came up. This is one of the most fascinating pieces that we came across: 😳  From the sounds of it, this family operates... Continue Reading →

Sambandham: Language, culture and social change

Today we provide you a link to an article that appeared in Mint Lounge last Saturday (20th of April, 2019). Apart from the discussions about social change and cultural practices, an interesting insight came from our friend from Iceland, Gunnella ÞorgeirsdĂłttir who identified an interesting parallel. The word for relationships in Icelandic is samband! We... Continue Reading →

Diary of the hummingbirds

Kiran Kler Saluja This is the second in the Spring diaries from my friend Kiran. I am quite sad that WordPress doesn't permit the uploading of videos to the essay because Kiran has recorded a delightful video of their nesting. A quick note to add (particularly for birders, the pictures were taken from a safe... Continue Reading →

The Monarch Garden

Kiran (Kler) Saluja "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead Given the depressing nightmare that we are living through in today's world, I decided to bring some joy into our lives by growing a Monarch garden. Last... Continue Reading →

“My svadharma was to teach”: A brief biography of Dr. Anandalakshmy

In the year 2013, I was approached to write Dr. Anandalakshmy’s biography for a publication on ‘Eminent Indian Psychologists’. I was both delighted and daunted by the responsibility, but greatly enjoyed writing this essay with inputs from Neerja Sharma and Dipali Taneja (thank you). This draft version is in fact, the final submitted to the editors with Dr. Anandalakshmy’s approval. Unfortunately, the editors of the volume believed that its rather unique format didn't fit in with the rest of the volume and required ‘correction’. They proceeded to make dramatic (read disastrous) changes while retaining the ‘facts’. We were given the “choice” to approve or quit! With a great deal of reluctance, both of us agreed and it is now available in print. I believe that the final version lacks soul and for some years now, I have been sitting with this essay wondering when and where to place it for others to read. Here it is for you.

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